Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Publicity for my photography & art! I'll take it!

Well this post is about 1 month overdue, but I'm posting it anyway because I am exicted. A fellow ImageKind member emailed to tell me that a daily art review blog called "Art Sweet" featured me as the artist of the day May 26, 2008. What a nice surprise!

Quote: "Today’s featured artist is Lisa Whipkey. Lisa is a wonderful multimedia artist. Her use of color, texture and layering is simply fantastic! My favorites are “Love Grows”, “Opium” and “Venice Vase”. - ArtSweet"

I have been blessed to have my work featured on many blogs in the last couple of years (love that free publicity!) and I have had a few kind art reviews too, but I am always excited every time I am ego surfing (google myself) and find that someone liked my work enough to give it some special attention. I believe every artists work speaks to someone and we all like that affirmation that someone out there "gets" what we do. So thanks Art Sweet for making my day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Pix published on iPhone...Cool

A while back a company called Schmap - Beyond the map" contacted me for permission to use two of my Seattle area photos on their website which is a electronic map of the whole country where you can select maps down to the neighborhood level and view the shops, sites, shopping, etc. before you ever get there.

I just received notice that they are now using my pix on the new Schmap Mobile for iPhone. This is what it looks like... The U village shot and the St. Marks Cathedral shot in the upper left of the images are mine. Click to enlarge. Kinda cool I think!