Friday, February 29, 2008

Let us begin the begin, shall we?

Hi. I'm Lisa. I love photography & photoshop. I admit it. I am addicted! Sometimes I just cannot contain myself and feel compelled to show my work to someone and share my thoughts and tips on all things relating to the afore mentioned passions. Since my cats are getting really tired of me showing my work to them & telling them about the "rule of thirds", I decided to go ahead and start this blog as a more appropriate outlet.

Oh, and I am a flickr-aholic. If you are saying to yourself,
"What's a flickr?", well, then I say, "Where have you been?" Hello? Flickr is only the GREATEST and largest photo sharing network on the planet with over 2 BILLION photos! Mom's post pics of their kids & cats on flickr. World renowned photographers post pictures of fashion models. Graphic designers post album covers. Crafters post pictures of their creations, and on and on....You just never know what you will see there.

Let me give flickr "props"...

  • You can learn a ton from looking at fellow photographers photos and discussions in the groups.

  • You can get feedback on your work which is helpful and can be a real boost to the ol' self-esteem.

  • It can provide you with inspiration and motivation. If you get hooked, you will feel compelled to keep creating better pictures so you can share them with your flickr friends.

  • You will make flickr friends (AKA "contacts")

  • It's great exposure. Your work gets seen by the world. For me, this resulted in receiving requests to purchase my art. This was just the push I needed to start my own business, Kamera Kat Studio.

OK. Enough gushing about flickr. Let's see some of my art posted on flickr...

FYI - If you are interested, much of my work is available as fine art prints.

All photos copyright of Lisa Whipkey

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