Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can't Wait to Shoot with the New Baby!

Well That Didn't Take Long... I already broke my promise to blah, blah, blog 5 times a week, but I have a good excuse! I have another blog I maintain too ( and I have been working on a complete redesign of my site and new site for my crafty stuff (, both of which I hope will go live in the next couple of weeks.

But now I have a new distraction that might steal me away from all of this geeky bloggy/web mastery stuff....

My New Baby is Coming Soon!!! Yahoo! No, not that kind of baby. I'm talking about my new Canon 40D camera which should be arriving soon. Nothing can distract me from what I should be doing like a new toy! I can hardly wait to play!

40D & 400D
Originally uploaded by the other Martin Taylor

I currently have a Rebel XTi (400D) which is an entry level DSLR. I think I am ready to move up to the next level which is a "Prosumer" level. There are features like the live preview, larger LCD, Spot Metering, improved noise handling and 6 fps burst mode that I am really looking forward to. Plus, it is just built better overall with some water seals that the XTi does not have. The 40D is quite a bit larger than the XTi. I was worried that it would be too bulky, but once I held it in my hands, I realized that it is so much better balanced and has a larger grip, that it is much, much easier to hold and therefore in one way feels less clumsy.

I am excited. I'll post some pics as soon as I have a chance to try it out!!!

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