Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mark of the Beast Cameras & Me, the Commuter

I have a really long and boring commute. One day I was cruising along and saw an awesome sky with perfect fluffy white clouds. I had my camera with me, so I opened my moon roof and snapped a few shots while stopped at a light. They turned out great and the rest they say... is history. Now I frequently take pix out from my car. Usually of trees, power lines, construction cranes, clouds, winding roads, and the occasional self portrait.

Sometimes I forget that there are other people around me until I look in my review mirror and find the person behind me is laughing at me or glaring. I recently started thinking in my paranoid mind that all this casual snapping might be drawing attention from other than my fellow commuters. I mean, who's to say who controls those "traffic cams" really. In my circle, we refer to them as "Orwell Cams" or "Mark of the Beast" cams. Que the suspenseful music... dun, dun duuuuuun.

Tonight there was a great sky behind this major power substation & high lines. As I sat at the traffic light, I held the camera out of my moon roof and un-shyly fired a bunch-o-pix off. This time I broke my own "ALWAYS turn the flash off" rule accidentally, so I probably appeared to be flashing some sort of signal that was picked up by the beast cam and sent to NORAD or some place deep under the ground in Virginia for deciphering. I am sure there is now surveillance at that substation as we speak. Sorry.... don't mean to freak anyone out.

Now, if I was in London, I would DEFINITELY be on Scotland Yard's list of shame & suspicion. Have you seen what is going on over there with the anti-photography stuff? Scary! Do we or do we not have freedom any more? Geesh!

Please read these articles about the anti-terrorism steps that involve asking citizens to turn in people taking pictures around London.

CRAVE Article London Police Target Photographers
Gardian UK Article Time to Fight Security Superstition

Hello? Tourist take pictures. Duh! OK, I really do understand both sides of the issue actually. I know that times are scary and it's hard to know what to do to protect us. I just know that if we give up our freedoms, the terrorists have succeeded.

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