Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Shooting at Long Beach (with a Camera)

A shooting at Long Beach is nothing new unfortunately. The "LBC" has quite a bit of gang activity. But by some reports, perhaps shooting with a CAMERA at the Port of Long Beach might actually get more attention than shooting with a GUN in these post 9-11 days. Or, will it??

I found this video interesting because I live in Seattle which is a major US port and my husband and I frequently talk about how fun it would be to take photos of the colorful containers, trains, tracks, large orange cranes and huge ships, but we do not even attempt it because we have heard that security is tight due to national security concerns and that photography is a big "red Flag" that is sure to bring you unwanted armed attention. We have heard stories of people having their cameras confiscated, which is not legal, but you can't really fight it when you are standing there surrounded by men instructing a German Sheppard to sniff you from head to toe. There are many, many articles and debates out there about the legalities of this, but that is a huge topic all to it's own so let's save that for another day.

This video shows how a reporter and photographer were able to take photos in a supposedly restricted area for one hour without being approached. As a photographer I think it is cool. As an American, that scares me. Hopefully they were under surveillance and just did not know it.

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